Finding Innovative Ways to Launch The Next Big Thing
Again and Again

Over the last 4 years Samsung has relied on the teams at nFusion to help them re-imagine new product launches with thinking that’s as innovative as the TV’s, Home Appliances, Home Audio and Digital Cameras themselves. The goal: to create brand preference by communicating how the latest features are central to the way people live their lives.

Deliverables: Digital Strategy and Design, Custom Content, Web Experiences, Print, In-Store POS, Events

iJustine demonstrates the Samsung Smart TV

Growth of Fan Interaction in Digital Channels

Products launched during four‑year partnership

Sales Increase year‑over‑year
vs TV’s Sold in 2012

I challenged nFusion to look at our traditional product launch differently and embrace a new audience in a fresh way. They successfully translated our business goals into strategic marketing efforts to drive brand and sales growth. As a result the Smart TV launch was recognized as the most successful in company history.

— Sten Hallock
Sr. Manager, Online Marketing at Samsung Electronics America


The consumer is often overwhelmed by all the ‘revolutionary’ options in the marketplace. The goal: to get people to the information they need in a format that made it easy for them to both desire Samsung innovation as well as quickly understand the benefits of the latest features.

Usain Bolt and the NX300

NX300 Print Ad

S9 Laptop

Series 9 Print Ad

SUHD video animation

SUHD Online Experience

Meet the Herndons

UHD Online Experience

nFusion wins Gold at 2015 Effie Awards

For the Samsung Curved TV Launch Campaign

To win over TV buyers with the launch of the world's first Curved UHD TV, we used what people love about TV — the content. Our goal: to introduce the revolution in TV that would make that content more immersive. The result? Samsung is now the most preferred brand in television for the first time ever.

Effie Award


During the 4-year Samsung relationship, the consumer has changed. Purchase decisions have evolved from crowd-sourcing research and utilizing social networks to inform decision to mobile-first experiences and show rooming to branded content as a way of creating preference and driving sales.

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Samsung Shape website
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Samsung Shape website
Ditch Day for the #DitchTheDSLR campaign
DSLR recycling bin at the #DitchTheDSLR Ditch Day event