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Future-Ready Enterprise

How does a company with a strong, 30-year reputation as a consumer brand overcome its “PC only” perception and establish credibility as an innovative solutions provider and trusted partner in the enterprise space?

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nFusion Insights


Today’s ITDM wants to make sure their business remains future ready. In order to be flexible enough to take advantage of new opportunities for growth and innovation, ITDMs must embrace technology that not only allows for change, but encourages it.

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nFusion Approach


Through a series of dynamic touchpoints, we took a familiar theme and created new, engaging storylines that were unique to the marketplace. At the centerpiece of nFusion’s effort was an anthem video that featured empathic visuals and messaging, plus an info gallery with custom illustrations that showcased the benefits of future-ready enterprises. Content was also leveraged on social platforms to reach ITDMs where they do a majority of their research.

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