Who should be connecting your culture and brand DNA?

General Manager, Franke Kitchen Systems
Charlie Lawrence, General Manager, Franke Kitchen Systems

According to Charlie Lawrence, General Manager  of  Franke Kitchen Systems Luxury Products Group, it should be the CMO. I had the opportunity to meet Charlie at the recent CMO Council Summit last week where he talked about the unique position of a marketing leader to align the culture and brand DNA of a company. We also had a follow-up conversation this week on the subject where he reiterated the success that can come from having a shared vision that aligns employees and customers.

According to Charlie, as he shares on his blog, “Traditionally marketing is defined in terms of the 4 Ps that we are all taught in marketing 101 in undergraduate school. This is still true today but I contend that this external perspective is only half of the job of today’s CMO. Yes consumer insight, competitor foresight and external forces vision are all critical to create the ideal marketing mix to win in the marketplace but…

…If the internal aspects of the CMO’s job are ignored or not treated seriously all of the good work on external aspects of the CMO’s efforts will be wasted. If there is not a shared vision and company culture that is consistent with the marketing program this will lead to execution failure that could ultimately damage the brand/company.”

Are you a champion of the company’s vision to your internal constituents? What have you done that was successful in aligning your employees with your brand DNA? Let us know what’s worked.