What are the characteristics of the marketer of the future?

Recently I had breakfast with someone who I believe is the profile of the marketer of the future. Robin Joy is a marketing director at Intuit and her team’s work was recognized as the Best Small Business Marketer at this year’s Warrillow Summit. The characteristics that Robin exhibits are ones that other marketers should develop to maximize their success in this new marketing era.

1. Curiosity – What makes a consumer or business person tick? What are their fears or aspirations that you as a marketer can connect with? What programs really work? What is the data telling us? I believe great marketers start with a fundamental curiosity to learn and to act upon that insight.

2. Courage – Curiosity when married with a willingness to break out of the status quo leads to some very interesting experiments. Not all are going to work, but some may be home runs. Having the courage to try new things, to fail and to succeed with new ideas is an attribute in short supply.

3. Passion – You cannot be passionate about something unless you really believe in it. But once you have invested yourself in something, whether a cause, your brand or your team, your belief should become contagious. This includes having a commitment to your prospects and customers that they will have a great experience with your brand. Realizing that brands are built through great experiences, not just great campaigns, is essential. Having the passion to break down obstacles that inhibit great experiences is the sign of an outstanding marketer.

Do you know someone who is a great marketer in today’s era? What are the characteristics that you believe make them great?