Website best practices for 2009

I believe there will be at least three key priorities for b-b websites in 2009:

1. Engage your audience with compelling content that advances the conversation towards a relationship/sale. This will mean presenting multiple forms of media, including text documents, photos, Flash modules and video, that offer a positive user experience.

2. Make the content part of your search engine optimization plan. This priority often conflicts with point number 1 since many Flash-based sites are not SEO-friendly. Content in HTML (searchable) should integrate with Flash assets (presentable) in new and engaging ways.

3. Content must be easily updated. The use of content management systems and database-driven asset presentation will be more important than ever as resources for Web maintenance are frozen or reduced in 2009.

The new nFusion website is an example of these three practices put to use. Check it out and send me your comments.