Today’s Customer Is Not The Customer Of The 1990s: How The Modern CMO Must Adjust

Exploring the Business Environment from the CMO’s Perspective — A Four-Part Radio Series

nFusion CEO John Ellett recently appeared as a guest on “This Week in Marketing,” a presentation of the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association and WSRadio Internet Talk Radio. In this four-part interview host Jimmy Page asks John to describe

  • How the modern customer differs from that of the 1990s
  • What challenges marketers face in today’s increasingly complex marketing industry
  • The initial journey of the newly hired CMO
  • How (and what) measurements can pave the way for a CMO’s success

Part 1: How is the customer of today different from the customer of the 1990s?

In the first part of the interview John uses a personal example to show how today’s digitally enabled, socially connected customer differs from the customer of the 1990s; he offers three examples of brands that have successfully evolved along with their tech-savvy customers; and he explains how marketers can avoid being blindsided by the furious pace of these technological changes.

Listen to Part 2 of the interview here.

More advice from John is available in his book, “The CMO Manifesto: A 100-Day Action Plan for Marketing Change Agents.” Download the first chapter for free!