Yesterday I presented at the eMarketing Association’s eM13 conference in San Francisco. There was a great crowd of marketers seeking the latest insights, trends and tips to bring back to their brands. It was an ideal setting to spark conversation around the New Social Capital and its implications for marketers.

The New Social Capital

We believe the New Social Capital to be the value derived from a person or brand’s collective digital presence, including their social graphs, levels of influence and use of digital social networks, characterized by trust, reciprocity and scale.

Think of your own experiences.

Did you form an opinion of a single brand from just one experience? Rather, you likely first heard about the brand from (an ad, friend, review, etc.), then visited its website (or social channels perhaps), then decided whether to do business with that brand and eventually formed a viewpoint based on those collective experiences.

social capital graphic: trust, reciprocity, and scale

Consumers’ New Expectations

Customers expect your brand to make it easier, faster and more satisfying to do business with you. Take it a step beyond merely meeting their new expectations and EXCEED them.

exceeding customer expectations: intuitive, intelligent experiences and helpfulness and reciprocity

Implications for Marketers

Ultimately as a marketing change agent you’re tasked with delivering relevant digital experiences that improve the customer’s interactions with your brand. There are five simple considerations for doing that.

relevant digital experiences are seamless, social, satisfying, scale, and have speed

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