There are few events as old school as this week’s Masters golf tournament. Anyone who has had the good fortune to visit the tournament appreciates the manual scoreboards, the lack of jumbo televisions and the infamous pimento cheese sandwiches.

But I’ve been impressed with how actively the tournament has embraced digital media this year. Through the website, the iPad app and the iPhone app, a Masters junkie like me can not only watch live video on any of my devices but can get real-time scoring, video interviews and interesting historical information. And, best of all, we can apply for the ticket lottery for next year’s event online.

I particularly like the iPad interface. It provides easy access to a lot of video content and to journals of some of the players. This app highlights the new possibilities that a touch-based tablet can bring to improving the user experience.

While I am lamenting that I’m not in Augusta this year, I have to tip my cap to the new school guys on the tournament staff who are sending “a tradition unlike any other” directly to my mobile devices. Maybe next year I can say thank you in person!