The Marketer’s Challenge: Re-aligning Your Organization around Today’s Customer Decision Journey

The reality that the decision journey of digitally enabled, socially connected customer spans paid, owned and earned touch-points isn’t new.  But the convergence of these media types into a seamless customer experience available anytime, anywhere is a challenge for most brands to execute. The businesses that will come out on top are those led by marketing change agents who recognize the imperative of converged media marketing and are able to reshape the marketing operations of their brands to greatest effect.

The classic marketing department has historically been organized by practice areas that have created functional silos, where disciplines such as advertising, digital marketing and public relations work practically independently of each other. But today’s consumer interacts with brands in a more holistic, all-encompassing way and brands must align their marketing efforts to engage customers over any number of media and at any time the customer demands.

The Altimeter Group first proposed the concept of converged media in its report, “The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned, And Earned Media.” You can read it in the SlideShare presentation below.

As Altimeter appropriately noted, advertising or “paid” media has traditionally led marketing initiatives but no longer works as effectively as it did unless bolstered by additional marketing channels. Now consumers are bombarded with messages from brands competing for their attention from “a veritable blur” of media: Consumers may not make distinctions as to how they interact with brands, but brands must figure out how best to connect with their customers across a range of paid, owned and earned media throughout the customer’s purchase journey.

At nFusion we’ve been pioneering new methodologies to enable our clients to plan and execute converged media marketing more adroitly. We can show you how to adopt a converged approach, one that is fresh, agile and attention-grabbing, to engage the customers you seek — or stay in a steady relationship with the ones you already have.

If your organization is ready to embrace the new converged media imperative but is challenged with how to make the changes that count, let’s talk.

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