Teen Exodus From Facebook To Messaging Apps Increases Burden On Brands

Wonder how this could affect the Twitter IPO if this teen exodus continues from social:

“Mobile operators are estimated to have lost $23bn in SMS revenue in 2012 due to messaging apps, which host free instant messages through a phone’s data connection, which these days is often unlimited. Now these apps are becoming a threat to established social networks too.”

Ouch. And these platforms “shun advertising,” so how will marketers connect with this enormous, global audience on their terms? How can brands establish meaningful contact that engages users on these apps?

The answer may be that these messaging service platforms are morphing into something else — a new generation of social platforms for the next generation of consumer. How brands can reach these potential customers is one more facet of an ever-fracturing marketing dynamic, one that demands brands reach customers in real time, on their terms, regardless of device or platform.

Read the entire Guardian article here.