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Connections Planning & Media

5 Commandments of Modern Marketing

It’s a noisy world out there if you are a marketer trying to generate results. The proliferation of media channels and technology make it challenging to communicate with your audience. The number of new entrants into a given product space changes daily, sometimes commoditizing your…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 nFusion

Content Planning & Creative

Future Ready Content

Last week, Dell kicked off a new multi-million-dollar campaign called “Future Ready” (#BeFutureReady), which shows how Dell is helping organizations and customers transform the way they work and the way they live. We’re downright ecstatic to have created content strategy and deliverables, including the anthemic…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 nFusion

Connections Planning & Media

5 Steps to Accelerate Your Modern Marketing [Infographic]

[this post originally appeared on the Forbes CMO Network] How can you improve the success of your company and the trajectory of your career at the same time? Become a modern marketer! While the term “modern marketing” is getting a lot of visibility these days,…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 John Ellett

Content Planning & Creative

Content Creation? Magazines Wrote the Book.

Well, we are done with Q1 2015. So you are probably expecting a post about personalization, data science, experience design, a SXSW recap or a Meerkat-vs-Twitter Periscope POV. Those are all on my to-do list, but today we are talking magazines.  I am going on…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 nFusion

Connections Planning & Media

#CES2015 and Signs of Modern Marketing

CES is a monster, 40 years in the making. More than 160,000 people and 3,500 exhibitors are descending upon Las Vegas this week to check out the latest shiny objects at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. And everything CES has become near and dear to…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 nFusion

Best Marketing Practices the Digital Era

Samsung’s PGA Championship App Aims For A Multi-Screen Hole-in-One

Samsung is bringing its digital marketing A-game to the PGA Championship this week, offering a multi-screen experience to track the leaderboard as they make their way through a wet, rain-soaked course. With the new “PGA Championship TV App,” owners of Samsung Smart TVs can toggle between…

Last Updated August 14, 2014 nFusion


Mobile’s “Oh My Gosh We Missed It” Moment (Josh Bernoff interview)

Watching the World Cup has been a glorious, unifying experience, and the most social event ever, some say, topping 618,725 tweets per minute. During the #USAvsBEL game, my nFusion teammates and I piled into our break room, bit our nails and cheered the “Secretary of Defense” (Tim Howard) for…

Last Updated July 21, 2014 nFusion

Brand Strategy in the Digital Era

CMOs As Bridge Builders

Last Updated July 23, 2015 nFusion