Socially Connected Customers Have Killed (Traditional) Marketing

Forbes contributor Christine Crandell says today’s digitally enabled, socially connected customers have “killed marketing, finally.”

We’d suggest that we’ll always have marketing. It’s the concept of the traditional campaign that these tech savvy, social media connoisseurs have driven a stake through.

Download the nFusion white paper: “Five Steps to Creating Customer Experiences That Matter.”

It’s still a period of transition, but as Crandell makes clear from the Responsys commissioned Forrester report, marketers who can orchestrate campaigns over multiple touch points to engage an audience that wants information anytime, anywhere on any device have seen and understood the future of marketing to an ever-evolving consumer. Forrester calls this, “orchestration.”

nFusion calls engagements with tech-savvy customers that create synergistic impact across paid, owned and earned touch points and deliver a cohesive brand experience in all touch points converged media campaigns.

To us, forward-thinking marketing by any name smells sweet.

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