The Mandate To Change: How The New CMO Must Perform Under Pressure

Exploring the Business Environment from the CMO’s Perspective — A Four-Part Radio Series

nFusion CEO John Ellett recently appeared as a guest on “This Week in Marketing,” a presentation of the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association and WSRadio Internet Talk Radio. In this four-part interview host Jimmy Page asks John to describe

  • How the modern customer differs from that of the 1990s
  • What challenges marketers face in today’s increasingly complex marketing industry
  • The initial journey of the newly hired CMO
  • How (and what) measurements can pave the way for a CMO’s success

Part 2: What challenges do marketing leaders face in today’s increasingly complex marketing industry?

In the second part of the series John talks about the challenges CMOs confront in an increasingly complex industry, including what a newly hired CMO might face at a large, established organization; the internal and external pressures on the incoming CMO; and he offers advice on how best to effect positive change: how CMOs can balance the pace of change with both the company culture and the needs of the people who will be called on to help move the organization forward.

Listen to Part 3 of the interview here.

More advice from John is available in his book, “The CMO Manifesto: A 100-Day Action Plan for Marketing Change Agents.” Download the first chapter for free!