Too often PR has been a disconnected part of the marketing mix. It is frequently managed by corporate communications departments that are independent of line-of-business responsibilities and that do not feel the direct pressure of driving revenue. I have frequently been a critic of  the PR discipline because of this lack of results orientation.  So I was quite impressed with a conversation I had over lunch with Mike Guillory, Manger of Worldwide Communications for Texas Instruments’ DLP products.

Mike has actively engaged bloggers and traditional media editors alike. He has used simply produced video as a way to illustrate complex technologies in easy to understand ways. He participates at major events in a way that helps writers do their jobs well and gets his story told at the same time.

At CES, Samsung previewed a new phone with a built-in projector. It is an amazing glimpse into the future. The device is powered by a Texas Instruments’ Pico DLP chip. Mike attributes some credit for the TI design-in win with Samsung to an article in the New York Times that brought attention to the role TI was playing in “changing the game.”

PR that leads to a design-in. That is using PR effectively as a sales tool. Why don’t many PR professionals view their roles the way Mike does?