Moms, Homemade Food and Transparent Marketing

Babies are eating dramatically less baby food now, a third less than 2005, and Beech-Nut’s Andy Dahlen was trying to understand why.

The lightbulb moment came when Andy and his team uncovered a consistent theme around homemade food.

“Homemade is the best that I can do for my baby. I may not know how but that would be the gold standard,” was a typical comment.

Check out my interview with Andy on my column on the Forbes’ CMO Network where he talks about how to be authentic and transparent with one of the toughest groups of customers around – moms.

We sat with those moms and asked them why they are doing this. It really came down to the control: “I want to know what’s in my baby’s food. A lot of the stuff I see on the shelves has things in there I either don’t know what they are or I don’t put it in when I make it at home, so I don’t want to feed that to my baby.”