Modern Marketing vs. Advertising: Valentine’s Day Edition

Advertising, like a first date, just scratches the surface of a relationship. On a first date (as a company), you want to connect with a person (your audience) on every level, but you’re just feeling each other out first. Do they like me? Are we interested in the same things? Do we even have a connection? Advertisement is key factor in connecting with your audience. But just like falling in love, modern marketing strategies can help you nurture and grow a burgeoning relationship into a lasting one.

Falling in love, whether it’s with a brand or with your soul mate, takes a little more work. Here are some “steps” to take your relationship to the next level

Research & Insight or “Getting to know each other”
After your first date, you decide whether or not you like the person or not. If you do, then you want to see if you’re a good fit. In the marketing world, customers do the same with brands. They want to know if a brand is reliable and honest, funny but confident. So as a brand, we want to present ourselves as the best possible partner. So we do some research. Learning as much as you can about your audience (a.k.a. that special someone), provides better insight on the next steps to take in the relationship. What’s a customer’s decision journey? Who influences them? Where do they go for information? These are just some of the questions a brand needs to ask to get to know their customers better.

Engagement and taking it to the next level
Now, we’re not talking about a diamond ring here. Nowadays customer engagement is essential to a successful modern marketing campaign. After developing your research, you want to make sure you’re engaging with those customers. You do this by creating engaging content and immersive digital and tactile, real-life experiences for your customers. Modern marketing is about creating experiences, not just campaigns.

Nurturing the Relationship
After you and your partner realize that you’re a match made in heaven, what’s next? Maintaining the relationship is key. When you partner with someone, you’re not just building your own relationship, but a sort of “relationship ecosystem” made up of friends, acquaintances and family. You can think of brand marketing in the same way. It’s not one experience, but an ecosystem of experiences that comes from leveraging influencers and loyalty loops that empower your most valuable customers to help others begin their own journey.

When it comes to marketing your brand, don’t just settle for a date. You may be missing out on the love story of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for love, drop us a line.