Mobile’s “Oh My Gosh We Missed It” Moment (Josh Bernoff interview)

Watching the World Cup has been a glorious, unifying experience, and the most social event ever, some say, topping 618,725 tweets per minute.

During the #USAvsBEL game, my nFusion teammates and I piled into our break room, bit our nails and cheered the “Secretary of Defense” (Tim Howard) for each of his 16 saves.

But soccer’s constant clock and nonstop action (a far cry from the NFL…) forces you to pay close attention and be strategic in taking a dash for a resupply of Twix and Topo Chico. Hearing “GOOOOAAAL” echo from down the hall is a painful sign that you’ve missed out big time.

Mobile is kind of like that, where complacent marketers who choose an incremental approach to mobile suddenly realize they’ve missed out and are dangerously disconnected from customers who have quickly changed how they learn about and engage with brands.

Mobile: Ooops. Did you miss it?

Ted Schadler, Julie Ask, Josh Bernoff

According to Josh Bernoff (@jbernoff), who has been tracking tech inflection trends for 19 years at Forrester, for many brands “the year of mobile” has quickly gone from “when is this going to get here” to “oh my gosh we missed it.”

It’s true. Mobile IS different. Unlike other digital experiences or innovations that slowly ingrain themselves into your life, mobile has been a fast and furious transformation, taking many marketers by surprise.

  • 7 out of 8 mobile phones sold in the U.S. are smartphones
  • 80% of U.S. 18 – 24 year olds use a smartphone
  • 60% of online U.S. adults now expect your company to have a mobile-friendly site
  • 40% of online U.S. adults expect an app
  • More than a billion people worldwide have smartphones
  • More than a million apps are available in the Apple app store

As far as trends go, many marketers make the mistake of thinking that mobile is just another trend, with a smooth, long journey from early adopters to late adopters.

Those marketers are wrong. Mobile is not just another device that people are learning to use. And it’s not happening at a pace where marketers can sit around and wait to see what happens. Expectation levels are too high.

And many marketers are stuck in a rut of mobile incrementalism, putting band-aids on websites instead of taking a mobile-first approach to transforming their digital touchpoints.

Mobile Moments: Josh Bernoff interview

At nFusion, mobile is a consistent theme with our clients, who are at various stages of transforming their engagement strategies and marketing operating systems to adapt to a changing customer decision journey. (Last week, we helped la Madeleine launch a new site focused on mobile moments in order to better engage with its connected customers.)

Recently our CEO John Ellett sat down with Josh Bernoff to get his take on how brands are transitioning (or not) to a mobile mindset. Bernoff’s latest book, The Mobile Mind Shift, co-written with Ted Schadler and Julie Ask, is based on 200 interviews and explains how marketers can exploit mobile moments.

Think of the mobile mind shift as the Pavlovian way we now expect to get what we want, in context, in our moments of need, on our phones.

Check out the interview in Ellett’s column on the Forbes CMO Network.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Why mobile is not “just another device” that people are learning to use
  • Why mobile is not happening at a pace where you just can watch and wait
  • How consumers are now conditioned to expect “wherever I am, your company is available”
  • Why m-commerce is wrong and why mobile isn’t a channel
  • The 4 biggest mobile mistakes (and why MVPs matter)
  • How to decide between a suite vs an app
  • Why USAA mobile check deposit is glorious
  • Donuts!

What mobile moments are you facing? How are you engaging customers who have switched to an always-on mindset?