Metrics That Will Make Your CMO Obsess

Measurement is more than accountability. Today’s marketer must know where to find the most meaningful data that will propel business profitability.

How do you use metrics to drive revenue? Are you making the most of customer feedback? How can you market effectively in the converged media era?

In a recent contribution to nFusion CEO John Ellett urges marketers to show their CMOs how marketing activities will drive demand for the brand.

“Pressure for marketing executives to show the business return on their initiatives is at an all-time high,” explains John. “Meanwhile, the complexity of how customers make decisions and engage with brands across paid, owned and earned media channels has increased exponentially in recent years.”

John urges marketers to pay particular attention to metrics as the catalyst for winning over their CMOs and for positioning themselves as valued strategists and leaders on the team.

Read the entire article, “The metrics that will make your CMO love you.”

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