Branding in the Modern Age

Our managing director Matt Huser recently wrote an article for Texas CEO Magazine about branding in the modern age. Here’s a small sample:

We live in a world of buzzwords and sound bites. One of the most popular buzzwords today is “Customer Experience,” and for good reason. Customer experience can mean many things to marketers. We’ll define it as “any interaction a customer has with a company or brand.” Customers include current customers, prospects, partners and employees.

Today, marketers fall under the illusion they can create a brand through the communications they push to prospects. Many marketers within the largest companies continue to invest millions of dollars in advertising campaigns as a way to achieve this goal. What these marketers don’t understand is that customers create brands from the results of their experiences first and then by sharing those perceptions.

Based on this perspective, there are two key factors to effective branding in today’s fragmented media world: (1) know the customer and (2) deliver an experience those customers value.

Read the full article here.