Leadership insights from Ford’s CEO

Of the American car companies, Ford has by far shown the most promise for lasting success. So when I read this interview of Ford’s CEO in the New York Times, I thought his insights were worth sharing.

Alan R. Mulally has been Ford’s CEO since September 2006. He focuses his efforts on four priorities that are good ones for any marketing leader to focus on. I’ll summarize them as questions that we should ask ourselves frequently:

  1. How do we connect what we do to the outside world?
  2. What business are we in and what is our value proposition?
  3. How do we balance the short term with the long term?
  4. What are the values and standards of our organization?

I really liked the simplicity and power of his list. Do you have clarity on these answers for your business? Do your colleagues have similar or different answers? I’d like to hear your opinion on which question is the toughest to answer.