Kodak changes FAST to embrace digital world

I caught up last week with Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO at Kodak, who was recently named Marketer of the Year by BtoB magazine. I was curious how the company managed such a successful transformation from a leader in a rapidly declining consumer business (camera film) to a b-b leader in the growing digital imaging market.

According to Jeff, “Kodak has always had a culture of innovation. We simply had to move faster. In a digital world, you have to.” To overcome what he called “transformation fatigue,” the company needed to “shift the mood” and implemented an internal campaign themed FAST:

F – Focus

A – Accountability

S – Simplicity

T – Trust

This effort has led the “healthy debate” needed to incorporate ideas from legacy Kodak team members and those who were added through a series of company acquisitions.

In a future post I’ll share an example of how this culture of trust and innovation resulted in a unique program that blends traditional and digital marketing tactics in an integrated branded partnership featuring “Kodak Moments.”