Kodak Challenge is brand integration that works

If you are looking for innovative approaches to integrate your brand into programming and events, take a look at what Kodak has done with the Kodak Challenge. According to Jeff Hayzlett, the company’s CMO, this “branded partnership” represents a shift from Kodak’s previous approach of being an official sponsor of major events like the Olympic Games.

What I like about this program is the way it leverages the brand theme of “Kodak Moments” into a multi-dimensional integrated effort. In partnership with the PGA Tour and its broadcast partners, the Kodak Challenge is featured at 30 tournaments and during broadcast coverage. At each event, one hole, usually the most memorable or picturesque, is designated as the challenge hole. The player’s lowest score on that hole during the tournament is recorded and at the end of the season the player with the lowest score relative to par for 18 challenge holes wins $1M.

In addition to being promoted during each broadcast, several other activities are incorporated:

  • A promotional website
  • A Facebook profile
  • Swing analysis for fans at the event, including pictures printed for them on Kodak products

This program is a step in the right direction from old-school advertising-based sponsorships. It’s engaging. It’s memorable. And it is dead on with the brand’s strategy.

Have you seen other effective brand integration efforts? If so, send them my way.