Jeff Zucker v. Leno/O’Brien

I just read a great post from Mark Cuban entitled, “Why are we condemning Jeff Zucker & NBC over Leno?”. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject. I’ll admit I’ve watched Conan’s show for the first time this week because of the controversy. As well as Charlie Rose’s interview with Mr. Zucker.

Mr. Cuban, who is rarely shy on sharing his opinions, has it right in this case. “If you want to know why its going to take longer than people hope or expect to get out this great recession, look no further than media and corporate response to Jeff Zucker’s move of Jay Leno to primetime. What Zucker and NBC did was the EXACT RIGHT MOVE.” He goes on to assert, “But there is a bigger message in all of this. What I have learned from watching all of this is that corporate America has been neutered. No one has any balls anymore.”

I wrote a while back on one of the attributes of an effective marketing leader: courage. While Jeff Zucker may not have handled the situation well from a PR perspective, the guy had courage to try something new and the courage to admit it didn’t work and make changes.

What is your take on the situation?