Is brand training part of your new hire orientation?

I was having coffee with my old friend Michael this morning. He was sharing some stories from his experience as president of an aviation company. Although the firm went out of business recently due to some financial challenges, it did have a passionate customer and employee base. He recounted an experience with his HR team that led to a practice that all companies should incorporate.

After seeing the HR department present “how to abide by marketing guidelines” (proper use of logo, when to use company letterhead, etc.) during a new employee orientation meeting, Michael worked to transform the purpose of the presentation. He, like me, believes that employees are your most important brand ambassadors: with prospects, with customers and with the community. He made sure that all employees understood and believed in the company’s mission, in its purpose and what the brand stood for. He used every opportunity to make each employee an ambassador for the company’s brand.

Are you engaging your employees as a critical element of your brand-building strategy? If so, I’d love to hear ideas about how you are doing it.