Internet-connected TV

I’m at CES this week for the annual rollout of new consumer technologies. And there are many: smarter phones, faster laptops, thinner TVs and smaller HD cameras. But the innovation that caught my attention from a marketing perspective was the advancement in Internet-connected TV.

Yahoo’s widget technology has been widely incorporated by several HDTV vendors including Samsung and Vizio and is being supported by content distributors including Blockbuster and CBS. This means getting shows and movies streamed over the Internet straight to your TV will be much easier and more common.

How will this affect marketers? For one thing it will open the doors for video content to be produced, sponsored and delivered directly. Think beyond YouTube and more Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom without the network. Consumers love to be entertained and informed. If you can offer this to them in a way that builds affinity for your brand, and do it cost-effectively, you have a chance to separate your brand from the pack of slow movers.

I’d love to hear your ideas for content and brand integration opportunities.