Interactive spending to double over next five years

According to recent projections by Forrester Research, interactive spending is expected to grow by a compound growth rate of 17% per year for the next five years. This is attributed to the realization many marketers have made during the recession that interactive can work better than traditional advertising. While for some of us this is no surprise, it is interesting to hear that this is a new insight to many.

Overlooked in the “isn’t interactive great” commentary that surrounds the reporting of this data is the fact that it will still only represent 21% of total ad spending. My fear for many marketers is that they will continue to view interactive media as second fiddle to their traditional methods. This will lead them to plan their programs with traditional thinking and miss the mark on how consumers and business buyers are actually consuming information.

Too many marketers and their lead agencies continue to lag real consumer behavior. Why do you think that is happening?