Identifying Your Team’s Stars and Misfits

As a marketing leader, you must carefully assess what skills are needed to get your organization to where it is going. To better evaluate your team members it helps to understand the contributions they have to offer.

While efforts to categorize people are inevitably imperfect you are nevertheless challenged to make some important decisions as a leader charged with changing the status quo.

Here are five types of performers that can typically be found on teams:

  1. Stars – Stars are high contributors with high potential. These people may or may not be your direct reports, regardless it is smart to “promote” them within the organization. Ensure they feel a part of the changes and want to stick around to help lead them.
  2. Hard workers – They are the most reliable and dependable people on the team. Encourage them, show them the value in their work and ensure they feel it is meaningful. They are the backbone of your organization.
  3. Misfits – Typically, misfits aren’t delivering to expectations in their role to date. Don’t be misled though, they have high potential. With the right shift to a different role, you can leverage their high potential and easily turn a misfit into a star.
  4. Undesirables – Undesirables are the ones undermining morale and detracting from achieving your goals. They are underperforming and over-gossiping. Each leader is challenged with identifying these people and letting them go.
  5. Wild cards – These individuals are the toughest to read. You will want to give these people more time, energy and effort to find out what they are capable of delivering.

Who belongs on your team and in what role? Which performance type are you? Share with us in the comments.

Written by a team of stars and former misfits and wildcards.