How Blueprints Can Lead To More Predictable Marketing Success

Integrate is a software platform that helps marketers better manage their lead generation activities. Our CEO John Ellett interviewed Integrate CMO Scott Vaughan about how companies can use “blueprinting” to encourage inter-departmental collaboration for a new post on the Forbes CMO Network blog.

One of the biggest problems I saw with marketing organizations in the past year was fragmentation – disconnected activities across departmental silos that led to inconsistent customer experiences and sub-optimal marketing ROI. If your team suffers from this common affliction, try planning your activities this year using an approach called blueprinting. Similar to the tool used by architects to guide the construction of buildings and orchestrate the efforts of several different trade crafts,  marketing blueprints diagram the detailed steps of marketing programs and align the efforts of the various sales, marketing and technology departments involved in executing the programs.

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