Highlights from Bazaarvoice’s Social Summit

nFusion recently sponsored the 2012 Social Summit presented by Bazaarvoice and I had the pleasure of attending the event for the first time. I was struck by how major marketers have embraced the power of user ratings and reviews, not only for helping customers make decisions but for getting feedback on which products may have issues. If you missed the event, videos are now posted at http://summit.bazaarvoice.com/session-videos/.

If you can’t watch all of the videos, these are my three favorite sessions:1. Information is Beautiful by David McCandless. David is a visual journalist and tells stories by turning data into infographics. His approach got me thinking about how to tell complex stories more simply. Never has the idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” been more true.

2. Social Data: The Genome of Your Business. This session is a great overview of how social data is being used to improve marketing effectiveness. Presented by several Bazaarvoice executives, this session is a good crash course on what is possible in the world of social commerce.

3. Building Engagement: How to Foster Strong Consumer-Brand Relationships by 3M’s Raj Rao. Can a big company really embrace the possibilities of using social data to be more innovative and responsive? Raj shares how the 3M team taps the power of customer feedback to move the giant company forward.

How is your company turning user ratings, reviews and peer support into competitive advantage for your firm?