Google buys Motorola Mobility. So why should marketers care?

Yesterday Google announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which was a big surprise for most of us. For more details on this news there’s a good summary on Mashable.

I had dinner with the CMO of Motorola Mobility, Bill Ogle, several months ago at the CMO Council Summit. Among the things we discussed was the possibility of the then recent spin-off from Motorola eventually being acquired. Neither of us had Google on the short list of potential acquirers. But why does this news matter to other marketers?

Take it as another big signal that the smart phone is rapidly becoming THE computing device that will impact how consumers and business decision-makers interact with information and entertainment. According to Pew Internet Research, 25% of smart phone users primarily access the Web from their phones and 23% of adults go online from their phones regularly.

This current adoption pattern has accelerated the need for companies to mobilize their websites. We’re currently helping marketers ranging from restaurants to technology companies deliver a better user experience to smart phone users. Yes, there are many more uses of mobile devices in the marketing mix (text messaging, QR codes and apps to name a few), but if you haven’t prioritized making your website a good experience for mobile users, you may be frustrating a quarter of your visitors.

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