Get In Sync: It’s Critical To Building Executive Support

Knowing a few things about your boss’s management style will directly affect how well you interact with him or her. How should you present information? How will the two of you communicate? When will you meet? recently featured a piece taken directly from nFusion CEO John Ellett’s The CMO Manifesto. In it John discusses the importance of effective communication with your boss and understanding his or her expectations and preferences.

John urges those in a corporate environment to study the mannerisms and leadership style of their bosses before making a move.

“If you are diligent at the outset in terms of clarifying the expectations of others (and most particularly the members of your senior management team), you are in a great position to move on to the challenge of setting an agenda that will lead to impressive results.”

Read the entire article, “INSTANT MBA: Learn How to Interact With Your Boss.”

More advice from John is available in his book, The CMO Manifesto: A 100-Day Action Plan for Marketing Change Agents. Download the first chapter for free!