Future Ready Content

Last week, Dell kicked off a new multi-million-dollar campaign called “Future Ready” (#BeFutureReady), which shows how Dell is helping organizations and customers transform the way they work and the way they live.

We’re downright ecstatic to have created content strategy and deliverables, including the anthemic video (below) and modular content to tell the story of what Future Ready means and anchor the program microsite.

The multi-year program spans Dell product lines (software, hardware, services) and engages C-level Dell Future Ready videoaudiences on the opportunities to do incredible things by leveraging cloud, mobile, big data and security. Future Ready is based on the belief that enterprise technology should not just allow for change, but should encourage it. As we were working on the project, the parallels between the future of IT and the future of content surfaced. Here’s more.

Feeding the Beast

Talk to any marketer these days for more than a few minutes and the topic of content surfaces quickly. The entry points of discussion vary – “everyone is a publisher,” “inbound marketing,” “feeding-the-beast” – but the bulls-eye is the same: Marketers everywhere face an increasing need to consistently produce compelling content to attract, engage and retain customers.

The two big drivers for this shift are sides of the same coin.

First, it’s becoming very clear that customers have changed how they learn, share and make decisions, taking more control of and going deeper into the buying process than ever before.

Second, marketers and brands are (slowly) realizing that the key to growth is to engage prospects at multiple points along their buyer journey by offering compelling, relevant content that fits their needs.

Being Modular

We kept telling Khoa Le, our creative lead, to OPEN the MacBook instead of drawing on the cover.

In the Future Ready program, the content is intentionally modular, starting with a core deliverable such as a video and repurposing the content into multiple assets (social images, video snippets, slideshow galleries).

“We are absolutely focused on a cross-screen digital approach,” says Liz Matthews, executive director-global brand at Dell. “We are focusing on content that enables us to deliver the right message to the right place at the right time.”

This repurposing serves two simple but powerful purposes: It provides the audience with a level of consistency no matter when or where they come across the content, and it is a more streamlined, faster, cheaper way to produce content.

Teed Up

The Future Ready program kicked off during last week’s PGA World Golf Championships with a 30-second TV spot called “Beat Again.” Dell is a title sponsor of the World Golf Championships-Match Plan during 2016-2019, the company’s first foray into a major golf sponsorship. For all y’all Austinites and golf aficionados, save the date for the 2016 World Golf Championships-Dell Match Play, to be held in Austin March 21 – 27, 2016.