Five keys to brand integration with Internet-connected TV

Revision3In previous posts I’ve commented on the emerging trend of television programming delivered via the Internet and the success that Michelob had in its sponsorship of DiggNation.

To learn more about how brands can get the most out of integrating with this growing form of content, I talked with Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision 3, the company that produces Diggnation and Tekzilla.

According to Jim, there are five keys to successful brand integration:

1. Be willing to loosen control: In host-driven programming, letting the on-air personalities speak in their authentic voices is critical. Over-scripting turns viewers off. Making the interaction with the product real endears hosts to the audience.

2. Pick the right programming: Place your brand in the right context. Make sure you are reaching your desired target. Select shows that reflect your brand’s personality. Mismatches will most likely get little results and can potentially backfire.

3. Production quality matters: It’s an HD world. These are not YouTube videos designed to be watched in a small window on your laptop. Increasingly the screen of choice is a 50-inch+ plasma connected to the Internet. Viewers expect a great image and get frustrated when it is not.

4. Experiment: With distribution. With content. With products. This is still new territory and not all the great ideas have been found. Accept that not everything will be a hit, but learn from the experience.

5. Look at the numbers: With any emerging media not all numbers are reported the same way. Make sure you know how data is collected and what it really means. It will have a big impact on accurately measuring your ROI.

If you are interested in following this topic in more detail, read Jim’s insights at