Facebook for Granny?

I must be getting old. In a recent conversation with a senior executive at Facebook I learned that one of the fastest growing groups on the social networking site is boomer grandparents. It makes sense. Their kids, the first generation of Facebook users, are growing up, getting jobs and having families. Thus making many boomers (which I am) grandparents (which I’m not). More and more families and family friends are dispersed geographically. Facebook makes it easy to keep up with what is happening in the lives of those who are dear, but not near. The bragging about “my grand kids” that used to happen around a kitchen table is now happening in the virtual world.

What does this mean for marketers? With the millions of users on Facebook, think about the sub-segments that can be reached and target them effectively. Boomer grandparents are just one example. Boomer golf fanatics, travel buffs, foodies and about any other interest group can be reached on this site. We’re finding that targeted pay-per-click campaigns executed on Facebook can be extremely efficient for these (and other) markets.

Marketers should also reassess their assumptions about “granny” and “gramps.” Our generation is healthier, more active and more technologically sophisticated than the stereotype would lead one to believe. Engaging boomers though digital media is a smart move whose time has come.