E*Trade “Baby” integration is well done

ETrade BabyI was at the movies this weekend and was entertained by a one-minute ad from E*Trade. It featured “what you won’t see on the Super Bowl” outtakes of the company’s acclaimed “Baby” character. There were several things I liked about the E*Trade approach:

1. It intercepted the captive audience at the movies with an appropriately entertaining extension of E*Trade’s TV commercials. Not easily done.

2. It ended with an appropriate call-to-action URL (www.etrade.com/baby).

3. It anticipated that I would not remember the URL and, when I googled “etrade baby,” it had an AdWords listing to direct me to the right site. There were several other higher-ranked organic listings, including YouTube, so E*Trade’s approach was effective at influencing my navigation.

I would have liked to have seen a more effective integration of the company’s selling proposition on the landing page for this effort, but overall I believe this approach can work for other brands. By extending TV commercial characters into unique video content that can be seen in other venues and shared virally, new customer connections can be generated.

Who else is doing this well?