Death and Marketing

OK. So maybe marketing isn’t bullfighting, and a caffeine overdose is likely the biggest physical risk for chief marketing officers. Heck, even the average tenure of a CMO has doubled to 45 months on average (60 months in tech), spurred by the influence and impact of digital, social and mobile on the customer experience.hemingway-cojones-02

But still, this fundamental shift in customer engagement – including how we as individuals produce and consume content, how we engage with brands and who we trust –  is making the world of marketing  a tricky place to navigate these days. Some say that “brands have never been more fragile.”

So, today’s marketers need cojones –  the courage to think differently and embrace change “whether you were born with them or acquired them” as one CMO put it.

The #CojonesAwards

This is why we launched the Cojones Awards and assembled an awesome group of 25 finalists who serve as examples of how to energize brands.

They’ve got great stories to tell, and we will be packaging their tips, tricks and case studies over the next few weeks.

Winners will be announced on March 8 at SXSWi, with votes tallied from our advisory panel and the 1000+ tweets over the past two weeks. Check out John Ellett’s Forbes CMO Network column for more profiles.

The 25 finalists include rock-stars like:

  • Lilian Tomovich, for leading Mastercard’s 17-year-old Priceless brand platform through unique partnerships
  • Eduardo Conrado, for redefining the CMO role at Motorola by combining marketing and IT responsibilities
  • Kevin Platshon, for helping Go Pro go “all-in” in leveraging user generated content to fuel story telling
  • Frances Allen, for helping to reinvent Denny’s as “America’s Diner”


Join us at SXSW

On the Tuesday of #SXSWi in Austin, John Ellett (nFusion’s CEO) has a session on the need for marketing change agents and will showcase some of the examples from the Cojones Awards.  “The C in CMO Stands for Cojones” is from 9:30am – 10:30am Tuesday March 11 at the Hilton.


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