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The New Marketing Leader

The CMO’s First 100 Days

Sometimes it feels like a day just isn’t what it used to be. From a certain point of view, it isn’t. Thanks to the ever-quickening pace of technological advancement, what could be accomplished in a day 20 years ago can now be accomplished in hours…

Last Updated May 27, 2016 John Ellett

Brand Strategy in the Digital Era

Cojones Awards 2016

Last Updated January 19, 2016 nFusion

The New Marketing Leader

Moms, Homemade Food and Transparent Marketing

Babies are eating dramatically less baby food now, a third less than 2005, and Beech-Nut’s Andy Dahlen was trying to understand why. The lightbulb moment came when Andy and his team uncovered a consistent theme around homemade food. “Homemade is the best that I can…

Last Updated May 9, 2014 John Ellett

The New Marketing Leader

Bots, Fraud and Pixels: 11 Digital Insights From IAB’s Vivek Shah

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Vivek Shah, CEO of Ziff Davis, about the state of digital advertising and his new role as chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Here are 11 things he says all marketers must know when it comes to digital media…

Last Updated July 18, 2014 nFusion

The New Marketing Leader

Death and Marketing

OK. So maybe marketing isn’t bullfighting, and a caffeine overdose is likely the biggest physical risk for chief marketing officers. Heck, even the average tenure of a CMO has doubled to 45 months on average (60 months in tech), spurred by the influence and impact of digital, social and…

Last Updated March 14, 2014 nFusion

Marketing Leadership

Get In Sync: It’s Critical To Building Executive Support

Knowing a few things about your boss’s management style will directly affect how well you interact with him or her. How should you present information? How will the two of you communicate? When will you meet? BusinessInsider.com recently featured a piece taken directly from nFusion…

Last Updated July 23, 2015 nFusion

Brand Strategy in the Digital Era

CMOs As Bridge Builders

Last Updated July 23, 2015 nFusion

Best Marketing Practices the Digital Era

The #NewSocialCapital: eM13 Recap

Yesterday I presented at the eMarketing Association’s eM13 conference in San Francisco. There was a great crowd of marketers seeking the latest insights, trends and tips to bring back to their brands. It was an ideal setting to spark conversation around the New Social Capital…

Last Updated July 23, 2015 nFusion