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Connections Planning & Media

Coozies and your ABCDEs: 7 Lessons From the Marketo Summit

They say that purple is for passion, right? Well, the 6K #MKTGnation attendees at the very purple 2015 Marketo Summit were bringing the love. Marketo is pretty giddy itself these days, basking in 56% yoy growth, 4K customers and new partnerships. Here are the storylines from…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 nFusion

Marketing Leadership

10 lessons I learned about courageous marketing from the Cojones Awards

This past Saturday at SXSW my agency, nFusion, sponsored the Cojones Awards which recognized bold marketing leaders who had the courage to disrupt the status quo. As chair of the selection committee which included other CMOs and marketing experts, I had the privilege of interviewing sixteen…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 John Ellett

Modern Marketing

The Cojones to Create Change

It’s an incredible time to be a marketer. And, yes, the reports of the death of the CMO has been greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mr. Clemens, with CMO tenure rising to 45 months (60 months at tech firms). Two Seismic Forces for Modern Marketers At a basic…

Last Updated April 11, 2016 nFusion

Connections Planning & Media

#CES2015 and Signs of Modern Marketing

CES is a monster, 40 years in the making. More than 160,000 people and 3,500 exhibitors are descending upon Las Vegas this week to check out the latest shiny objects at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. And everything CES has become near and dear to…

Last Updated September 3, 2015 nFusion