Beyond the Hype: What Really Works in Mobile Marketing


I recently had the privilege of authoring a CMO Solution Guide for The CMO Club and Oracle Marketing Cloud on the most effective uses of mobile marketing. What I discovered in the process is that we should stop thinking about “mobile marketing” as a separate discipline and start thinking about engaging customers who happen to be very mobile. Sometimes they are at their desks using PCs. Other times they are on the couch or an airplane using a tablet. And many other times they are out and about and are using their smart phones.

“Mobile is embedded in all of our digital marketing. It’s part of our brand strategy, our customer engagement strategy, our customer portal, and our website.” said Christine Heckert, EVP of Marketing at Brocade. This integration of mobile into every aspect of customer engagement makes knowing the customer essential. Michael Donnelly of Mastercard puts it this way. “Cross-device data management is vital to deliver the right message at the right time and in the right context and to know that we’re communicating with a single consumer regularly accessing multiple devices as we evolve from Storytelling to very personal Story making.”

To learn more about what other marketing leaders are saying about mobile marketing, download the CMO Solution guide here The CMO Club’s Clubhouse.