Best Super Bowl Ad Integration with Digital Marketing

This year I want to weigh in on the post-Super Bowl ad critique with a  twist: Which ads involved customers the best after the :30 second spot ended? This type of integration is increasingly important for brands that want to leverage their broadcast media spend more effectively.

Here are my picks:

Best integration with YouTube: Given the interest in Super Bowl commercials, watching replays on YouTube is very popular. Realizing this, VW Beetle did a terrific job of altering the YouTube experience to accentuate the commercial’s impact. Watch it now to see what they did. Honorable mention: Snickers.

Best integration with branded website: Creating a concept that inherently links the TV spot with a website takes more than just putting the URL on the last frame. Ford did this well with, an Amazing Race-like rally featuring couples driving the Ford Focus. There is an opportunity for viewers to participate and win $100,000, so continued involvement is incented.

Best integration with Facebook: Had Stella not run out of its offer of two Stella chalices to “like” the brand, this would have been my pick. Instead, the nod goes to E*Trade for integrating an app in Facebook that let’s you put words in the mouth of the E*Trade baby.

Best integration with mobile: Launching The Daily, a new iPad/tablet “newspaper,” using traditional broadcast is a great reminder that old school and new school can actually play well together. The Daily could have pursued a pure digital approach to launch, but instead chose to create visibility the old fashioned way. Honorable mention: NFL Videos.

Best integration with Twitter: Not many to choose from here, but Audi A8 extended its TV time with a contest on Twitter (#progressis) that encouraged participants to complete the phrase “progress is ___ .” Nice idea, but wish the art director didn’t make the hash tag impossible to read at the end of the spot.

That’s my list. What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials that integrated well with the digital world?