Like almost everyone else using Twitter, I follow some celebrities. I find out more about who they are by reading about what they do every day, as shared via their tweets. It is interesting to me to know what it is like to be inside the locker room at the Masters, or what it is like recovering from a ride in the Tour de France, or what little things make a celebrity happy. Knowing where they eat, which bands they listen to or what it feels like to play to an exuberant crowd makes me feel like an insider.

But I also follow several marketing leaders and subject matter experts. And I really don’t care where they eat, which bands they like and how their big presentation made them feel. That’s not why I follow them. I want to learn from them professionally. I want their insights and lessons learned.

What is your Twitter personality? There isn’t a right one or a wrong one, but you have one. Is it the one you want? Is it consistent with why you tweet? Twitter is another medium to express your personal brand so give some thought to what you want your brand to stand for.

Here are some of my favorite marketing folks to follow:

Who are your favorite people that you like to follow? Why?