Anheuser-Busch innovates with digital marketing

I recently had a chance to catch up with Tim Murphy after he moved on from his role as Director of Interactive for A-B. We’ve had the good fortune of doing some award-winning work for Murph and his team, including interactive campaigns for Bacardi Silver and Borba Skin Balance Water.

He and his team have been open to trying new things and I wanted his perspective on his favorite experiment from 2008. At the top his list was Michelob Craft Sampler’s sponsorship and product integration with Diggnation.

If you haven’t watched the show before, you should. It has a broad following and is indicative of the type of programming that we expect to see more of in the future. What I liked about A-B’s involvement was the completeness of the effort. The tour of the brewery, the review of the sampler pack contents, the commentary on the beers over several episodes and the in-store integration of the sampler pack.

I believe the evolution of Internet-connected TV is going to transform programming as we know it and will create new opportunities for astute marketers. Take a look at the Michelob-Giggnation effort if you want to see what is possible.

If you see other good examples of integration between marketers and TV programmers, send them along.