3 reasons I like the new mobility ad for Radio Shack featuring Lance Armstrong

Three reasons I like the new spot for The Shack that features Lance as the Chief Mobility Officer (go to the article page of this post and you’ll see it, if you are not here now):

  1. It makes Radio Shack look much more contemporary and in tune with today’s mobile consumer. An image update that was needed to compete with big box consumer electronics retailers.
  2. It leverages the company’s sponsorship of Lance’s bike team in an engaging and humorous way. Too many “we sponsor this athlete” commercials are either boring (most former Tiger ads) or over-the-top (NBA stars come to mind).
  3. It was filmed in my office. But if you come to visit don’t expect to see a massage table or a bike-desk. Those are just a few of the major interior design changes that were made just for Lance. The normal setup is a bit more traditional, but the view of Lake Austin is remarkable (too bad they had to close the blinds).

Enough about me. What are you favorite commercials featuring an athlete?