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Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing vs. Advertising: Valentine’s Day Edition

Advertising, like a first date, just scratches the surface of a relationship. On a first date (as a company), you want to connect with a person (your audience) on every level, but you’re just feeling each other out first. Do they like me? Are we…

Last Updated February 11, 2016 nFusion

Brand Strategy in the Digital Era

The PERFECT Super Bowl Spot

Do you have some spare millions of dollars just laying around? Why don’t you put them to “good” use and buy some air-time during the Super Bowl? It’s not like you’d be getting much more bang-for-your-buck by creating a holistic digital marketing campaign with, I don’t…

Last Updated February 5, 2016 nFusion

Best Marketing Practices the Digital Era

Instagram for Brands: A Beginners’ Guide

Is your brand new to Instagram? Our new white paper can help you get started.

Last Updated January 29, 2016 nFusion