Is brand training part of your new hire orientation?

I was having coffee with my old friend Michael this morning. He was sharing some stories from his experience as president of an aviation company. Although the firm went out of business recently due to some financial challenges, it did have a passionate customer and employee base. He recounted an experience with his HR team… Read More

Most influential marketers in Austin

I recently replied to a LinkedIn poll asking for suggestions of the most influential Austinites in the marketing field. This was my list. 1. Nigel Dessau, CMO, AMD: Leading the challenge to Intel and making headway. Recently named one of the top BtoB marketers. 2. Brett Hurt, CEO, BazaarVoice: leading the industry in incorporating… Read More

A marketer is a terrible thing to waste

This is the title of an article on by Beth Comstock, chief marketing officer and senior VP at GE. In the article she asserts that marketing should be more prominent during challenging periods, not less. I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’m focused on helping marketers step forward as leaders of change for… Read More

A boomer CEO’s journey through social media, part 3: Twitter

Twitter is all the rage. But it took me a while to figure out why. I’m beginning to understand. Twitter is described on Wikipedia as “a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140├é┬ácharacters displayed on the… Read More

Attributes of an effective marketing leader, part 4: both-brained

Part of what makes marketing such a stimulating discipline is the requirement to use both hemispheres of your brain, the analytical side and the creative side. While most people tend to have a dominant side, effective marketing leaders are capable of engaging both sides well. There are many needs for the analytical side. Marketing is… Read More

A boomer CEO’s journey through social media, part 2: blogging

Me a blogger? Two years ago I would never have thought so. I’m not a journalist or a pundit. Writing isn’t my easiest activity. Some things come naturally to me, but putting words on paper is not one of them. My team encouraged me to start this blog last summer as a way to share… Read More

Attributes of an effective marketing leader, part 3: courage

The French have a unique way of cheering for participants in a race. I experienced this a couple of years ago while doing a triathlon in Monaco. I was eight hours into the race and struggling to finish, but the words of encouragement from the supporters kept me going: “Courage, John! Courage!” (In French, it… Read More

Are you asking the right questions?

I’ve always learned a lot about people by the questions they ask. It gives me insight into how they think and what they view as meaningful. This critical skill of asking the right questions was echoed by Tim Brown, the chief executive and president of IDEO in a recent interview published in the New York… Read More

A boomer CEO’s journey through social media, part 1: social networks

I’ll admit it. I’m not a digital native. While I had a hand in the PC revolution and am fairly technically savvy, the explosion of social media options outstripped my capacity to understand them all. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by many digital natives and social media experts who have coached me through the fog. This is… Read More