18 things I’m thankful for this year

1.   The surgeon, medical assistant, nurses and physical therapists whose dedication to their professions improved my quality of life immeasurably!
2.   All the new mothers and fathers at nFusion. It was a banner year!
3.   My two sons, now both college graduates, who are following their hearts.
4.   My nephew, his shipmates and all those whose service keeps me safe and free.
5.   The great people I am privileged to work with every day.
6.   Our volunteers, staff and supporters at The First Tee who make a difference in the lives of young people in Austin.
7.   Wonderful clients, past, present and future, who challenge us and bless us with their trust.
8.   Personal friends who encourage me, support me and make my game better.
9.   Professional friends who inspire me, question me and make me think.
10. The courageous families in Juticalpa, Honduras and their supportive friends in Austin who remind me constantly of the true sources of happiness.
11. My “followers”, most of whom I have never met, who take their precious time to read what is on my mind.
12. The opportunity to make a difference every day.
13. Smiles that lift me up when I need it.
14. The ability to travel freely and enjoy such wonderful places the Snake River, Augusta and Torrey Pines.
15. An extended family that is way less dysfunctional than Modern Family.
16. The brilliant people I met this year, either in person or virtually, who have made me a wee bit smarter.
17. Technologies that have helped me learn new things and reconnect old friends.
18. And last but certainly not least, my wife, my nurse, my chauffeur and my best friend for 29 years, Terri.

Happy Thanksgiving!