12 things I am thankful for in 2010

1.      To be able to walk and golf again and for the health care professionals who made it possible

2.      All the CMOs and marketing leaders who have graciously shared their time and wisdom with me as input for my upcoming book

3.      For Terri and three decades of fun together

4.      The inspiring team members at nFusion who have persevered through a challenging economy to create inspiring work for our clients

5.      For our clients who continue to trust us to help them achieve their goals

6.      For our founding fathers who framed a system of government that is adaptable and responsive, even with all its flaws

7.      For the entertainers who made me laugh, the pundits who made me think and the everyday heroes who gave me hope

8.      For getting paid to do work that I enjoy and with people I admire

9.      For the volunteers and supporters who continue to enhance the lives of young people in Austin, Texas and Juticulpa, Honduras

10.   Coach Reese, for putting a big smile on my brother’s face when he needed it most

11.   For the family weddings that extended my extended family in positive ways

12.   For my sons, nieces and nephews who are following their hearts and making a difference in their worlds