Product or Buyer Personas?

                                                        It is well known that product development starts with understanding how a user uses and finds value…

Last Updated June 21, 2017 Paul Seward


Beyond the Hype: What Really Works in Mobile Marketing

I recently had the privilege of authoring a CMO Solution Guide for The CMO Club and Oracle Marketing Cloud on the most effective uses of mobile marketing. What I discovered in the process is that we should stop thinking about “mobile marketing” as a separate…

Last Updated May 5, 2017 John Ellett


4 Keys to Marketing Martech

  You’ve seen all the data. Over 3000 martech companies are vying for the CMO’s technology budget which is expected to exceed that of CIO by the end of the decade. As the martech landscape gets more crowded and the competition to gain and retain…

Last Updated March 30, 2017 nFusion


6 Lessons from the Bold Marketers who won 2017 Cojones Awards

6 Lessons from the Bold Marketers who won 2017 Cojones Awards Last Saturday during SXSW, we celebrated courageous marketers at the fourth annual Cojones Awards, presented by nFusion and supported by Datorama and Cvent. It was my privilege to interview each of the 19 finalists…

Last Updated June 21, 2017 John Ellett

Best Marketing Practices the Digital Era

SAP Hybris CMO On Why HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Foreshadows The Future Of Marketing

Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic for markers as technology advancements make it easier to use smart data to dynamically create tailored customer experiences. But is AI still science fiction for most marketers or is it an eminent reality? To get some answers to…

Last Updated January 17, 2017 John Ellett


Account-Based Marketing: Hype Or Hope For B2B Marketers In 2017 – Forbes

ABM is the hottest acronym in B2B media these days. Is Account-Based Marketing the cure-all for increasing revenue or an over-hyped, over-promised methodology? Here’s our CEO’s take on the subject.

Last Updated January 12, 2017 nFusion


nFusion Named a 2017 B2B Top Shop

nFusion Named a 2017 B2B Top Shop Austin shop joins the ranks of the country’s top B2B marketing agencies Austin TX – November 18, 2016 nFusion has been named one of Chief Marketer’s 2017 B2B Top Shops, a listing of the top B2B marketing agencies…

Last Updated December 13, 2016 John Ellett

Modern Marketing

3 Common Issues with Your Approach to Content (And How to Fix Them Today)

Since we launched the nFusion Content Studio, I’ve had numerous conversations with CMOs who frustratingly declared that their number one headache is content creation. They fully appreciate the need to produce more relevant content, more frequently and more efficiently. Yet they are encountering numerous issues…

Last Updated October 7, 2016 John Ellett

The New Marketing Leader

The CMO’s First 100 Days

Sometimes it feels like a day just isn’t what it used to be. From a certain point of view, it isn’t. Thanks to the ever-quickening pace of technological advancement, what could be accomplished in a day 20 years ago can now be accomplished in hours…

Last Updated May 27, 2016 John Ellett